An Inspirational Women Manju Lodha – The Powerful Lady Who Holds Kindness, Love and Humanity

An Inspirational Women Manju Lodha - The Powerful Lady Who Holds Kindness, Love and Humanity

In times when kindness is a rare virtue, Manju Lodha, Chairperson, Lodha Foundation, sets a fine example with her selfless service to society , the social entrepreneur offers
glimpses of her social and welfare initiatives, her love for writing and music, and what inspires her to keep going tirelessly.

Manju Lodha is the matriarch of the Lodha family and an inspiration to all. Born in October 1960, Manju—the daughter of Kishorimal and Sita Devi Lukand from Bhinmal, Rajasthan—had a privileged childhood. At 18, she tied the knot with Mangal Prabhat Lodha is the son of chief Justice of Assam High Court and Judge in Rajasthan businessman, Indian politician and founder of Lodha Developers, a multinational real estate company. With such an affluent background, Lodha could have chosen to lead a life of comfort and luxury. But the gritty and determined lady chose the tougher path of serving the weaker sections of society and founded a charitable trust called Lodha Foundation.

Lodha Foundation took shape 29 years back with Lodha’s relentless drive to work towards the betterment of society. “In 1995 when my husband was contesting elections from the Malabar Hill constituency, we went for door-to-door campaigning and witnessed the grievances of slum dwellers. That prompted us to establish Lodha Foundation to undertake welfare initiatives for the economically weaker sections of society. It was later registered as Lodha Charitable Trust in 2007,” elaborates Lodha. As the Chairperson of the trust, Lodha she got associated with its activities and worked towards health care, civic works, education and skill development, besides undertaking relief work during calamities. The Foundation has successfully championed causes to support women and senior citizens too.

She adds on that she have written 12 books till now in which Parvi Chakra War Diary and Bharat Bhage Creator and many stories have being written.
These books have been recognised internationally too .Times of India had brought out a book on me Manju All That I Am and our foundation has a lot of activities.
Where more than one lakh people have got Direct benefit from it. At least three lakh people must have learned computers through our foundation
There are Four Vans which runs for people help 24×7

Manju Lodha is a Motivational Speaker and inspire many people out there through her words.
She is an Ustoppable Women and Inspiration for many

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