Anjali Jhaveri Sanghvi – Founder of Adaah Creations, a place where you can Reimagine your jewellery

A natural born entrepreneur and jewellery enthusiast, Anjali Jhaveri Sanghvi ventured out into the world of diamonds early in her life. After pursuing a degree in Gemology, she decided to take things to the next level. At the youthful age of 21, she started her journey with the simple mission to make people happy. The main focus from the very beginning was to try and create a brand of jewellery that was of excellent quality for an affordable price.

One could ask what is it that drew people from all ranges of society towards Adaah Creations. The answer is really simple: clients always come first, and there is no client too small and no diamond too big. Creating and sustaining a trustworthy environment was at the forefront of Adaah Creations’ promise to their clients. There was always the guarantee that you would leave feeling absolutely satisfied with the final product and that it would be exactly what you pictured it to be. Some clients would even knock on Anjali’s door without really knowing what it is they want. She has the unique ability to take you on a journey of transformation – from basic pen to paper designs to high quality end product. You are taken on this journey with her from day 1 and you are involved every step of the way.

Many factors set Adaah Creations apart from other jewellery makers. In keeping with their mission to make jewellery affordable, Anjali has revolutionised the market by introducing a “pay-me-monthly” scheme. Imagine this: you’re a student on a small budget. Your best friend announces that they are getting married next year and it is a destination wedding!

After all the excitement of the initial news dies down, you realise that you don’t have the right kind of jewellery to wear for the occasion. This is where Adaah Creations comes in and has a solution for you. You can decide what you want, work on what your total budget is, then divide it into 12 monthly payments. The icing on the cake is that you only need to pay 11 of those payments and get the 12th month free! This is the most distinctive aspect of the company that makes them a class above the rest. Where else can you say gives you the opportunity to create custom-made jewellery yet allow you to contribute to it progressively?

Among the other ways in which Anjali has made diamond jewellery more affordable is the wide array of choice that she has all under one roof. Partnering with Adaah Creations gives you exclusive access to all types of diamonds – Naturally Mined Diamonds, Lab-Grown diamonds, Uncut Jewelley etc. The flexibility of choosing what type of diamond you want alone gives every client the piece of mind that there is no stone unturned with finally getting their hands on their dream statement piece.

Adaah Creations can give you the option to kill two birds with one stone. They want you to have your cake and eat it too. They will allow you to transform any form of gold into a piece of jewellery that is current, on-trend and versatile. All this can be done at no extra cost, with no fineprint while the entire process is transparent, ensuring that the client is fully informed along the way.

If you thought that was more than enough for Adaah Creations to be great, you’re wrong!

The creative thinker and innovator in Anjali did not rest there. In thinking of ways in which to make jewellery more affordable as well as keeping sustainability in mind, she has come up with an idea to get even more bang-for-buck. You can invest in just one piece, but that one piece can have multiple uses. A pair of earrings could turn into a pendant, a necklace could turn into a ring,earrings,pendant – one piece of statement jewellery can be worn up to eleven different ways. These are things most people can only dream of – but this is where dreams are made reality.

As Anjali would always say – Jewellery is a form of art. Your customised piece tells a story without even a single word. The ultimate non-verbal communication of style. It is often sentimental and personal which means it grows more meaningful over time. Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique. If you are looking for a safe lace where all your jewellery dreams come true, just have a seat next to Anjali. All you have to do is imagine – and Adaah Creations can make it happen.

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