Anjalika Maroo – A Tale of Resilience, Love, and Empowerment Unveiled

In the vibrant city of Mumbai, where the echoes of life reverberate through its bustling streets, there resides a beacon of hope and inspiration – Anjalika Maroo. Born in 1963 into a typical Marwari family, she emerged as a symbol of strength and resilience amidst the colorful tapestry of tradition and modernity.


Marrying at the tender age of 19, Anjalika defied convention in a culture where education for married women was often frowned upon. Yet, supported by her husband, Mr. Sunil Maroo, she pursued her academic aspirations with unwavering determination. Despite the challenges and societal norms, Mr. Maroo stood by her side, championing her right to education and independence.


“I feel it is very important for all women to be independent,” Anjalika reflects, her words echoing the sentiments of empowerment and equality. With her husband’s unwavering support, she pursued her studies, earning a BA degree in sociology from Sophia’s College.

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