Anthony AKA Antho – A bravura of the education, fitness, and the fashion industry

Anthony AKA Antho – A bravura of the education, fitness, and the fashion industry

Anthony is a competent man known for his fanatic education, fitness, and fashion bulletin. He has accomplished everything by setting up a ground plan. His relentless determination towards education, fitness, and fashion has been audaciously remarkable for learning and growing. Apart from the education and fitness industries, he has finally marked his position in the fashion community to expand his horizons.

He is an alumnus of Welingkar’s PGDM in Hospitality Management in Bombay. Initially, he started his career in retail and education then switched to fitness to help people transform their lives. He periodically connects with all his offline and online clients to triumph over the weight loss/gain journey. Overall, his unwavering enthusiasm has experienced a deluge of transformations that inspire people around the globe.

A highly zealous and enthusiastic person Anthony also has unique pedagogy and best practices to enhance people’s communication skills. He was an assistant spoken English trainer for Ms. Vaishali Waghware at Bhavan’s College in Mumbai. He has done a conversation skill, which comprises the assignment completion of a daily vocabulary improvement, intonation, recording voice, and work on pronunciation. This pedagogy approach gives him the confidence to show faith in the assertion of an individual to acquire and work on.

His fitness and fashion statement are too simple, fit to conquer saying HI to the fashion community – ANTHO

He ignited the quest of all the sectors to remain the epitome of the generation to break the conventional life to serve as an inspiration to a mediocre outlook, encouraging them to leave their comfort zones. Above all, he thinks one needs a burning desire to earn the package of all the lessons, regardless of all the reactions, to stay in the game of life and prevail on the journey successfully.


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