Diva Dipti Founder of Unite Community Bringing Change in the Society for Betterment


Ms Dipti is not just a social activist; she’s an inspiring role model and the visionary behind Unite Community. With a natural flair for PR and influence, she stands out as an authentic influencer who prioritizes firsthand experience. Before endorsing any product or service, she ensures its quality by using it herself. Committed to promoting ethical businesses and fostering community growth, she collaborates with like-minded individuals who share her values. Through her podcast #KeepMovingForward.

She is featured in esteemed publications like Times of India and Femina, on Radio as well.

She is a national award winner and recipient of various government awards like Dr. Abdul Kalam, Nirbhaya Jyot and many more,  she continues to champion her mission of empowering everyone, especially female entrepreneurs,  & earning accolades for her exceptional contributions.

Dipti has been empowering women thru doing exclusive real life people shows at the Bombay Times Fashion week since past 2 years.

Dipti started the community known as Unite during the Pandemic with the intention of helping and inspiring people everywhere.

With the aim of illuminating people’s lives in their darkest moments, they have a group called the Unite Squad that supports people generally and has an online presence that includes medical professionals, legal counsel, and mental health trainers. To keep moving forward is the motto she exhorts everyone to live by. A girl who was torn to bits is now a strong lady who was awarded the Bharat Ratna by the Indian government and was named the best social activist and humanitarian of the year. Supporting others during difficult times brings immense happiness to Dipti. She offers us helpful pointers on how to alter our perspectives, shape them into positive ones, and adjust our directions as needed so that we can continue living our lives, stronger this time.

She is a PR professional who has worked for esteemed brand’s like Forever Mark, Stones 3d, Classic Vision, Regenta, etc.

She is here to make a mark in the world and inspire people by wearing multiple hats ❤️

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