Dr. Abhijit Mhatre – From a bully victim to a seasoned fashion model and to be in a top 10 weight loss experts of India

Dr. Abhijit Mhatre is an elite weight loss and a Lifestyle Design expert and a qualified Psychotherapist. But surprisingly enough he is one of the seasoned fashion models of India.


But as a child, Abhijit was very skinny, shy and below average school student. Others used to bully him for his physique, big nose, introverted personality and for low academic grades. He took those criticisms as a stepping stone. Abhijit improved on himself and came out better. He considers his discipline as his greatest strength. He is away from alcohol, smoking, parties, and other addictions. Being in Mumbai, it is not very easy to be away from night parties. But Abhijit is strong-willed about his actions.

His honesty is one of the reasons why he is not frequently seen on Instagram for promoting brand reels or posts which is a recent trend on Instagram.

He believes just for the sake of money and fame he can’t promote false work or products.


Today Abhijit is well versed in the working of the modeling industry.


Dr. Abhijit Mhatre won the title Mr Face of Panacherunway 2022 which is one of the most prestigious fashion pageants of India by fashion designer Vishal Kapoor and he has been crowned as the winner of this pageant. He also bagged the title Mr Style Icon of 2022.


Abhijit has been a part of several projects as a model.

He has worked with brands like Hairer India, Panache Runway, Bank Of Baroda etc. He did exclusive shoots for IMM (Indian Male Models) magazine. He also did a few international editorial shoots for New York Best Models, Stylecruze, 17.23 Ukraine magazine and a few more. Also he walked many runway shows like Uttarakhand fashion week, Asian Couture Runway, Delhi Fashion week, Rajasthan Fashion and now Bombay Fashion week.

Also, he had worked with ace fashion designers of India like Vishal Kapoor, Asif Merchant, Sonali Jain, Yatin Gandhi, Arjun Kumar and the list goes on.


Though Abhijit’s modeling profile looks glamorous enough but surprisingly he is a PhD doctorate in Food & Nutrition and MS in Psychotherapy and MBA. He has been counseling celebrities and corporate people for a decade.


Dr. Abhijit Mhatre who is a scientific counsellor, Businessman, owner of one fitness brand and a successful model.


He is one of the leading (top 10) weight loss experts in India. Dr. Abhijit Mhatre is a thorough professional with a PhD in Food Science and Nutrition and other qualifications and has catered to more than 6500 clients across a wide spectrum of people from varied backgrounds—entrepreneurs, housewife, working professionals and a few from the fashion and film fraternity.


Dr Abhijit Mhatre has been rewarded for his work with many prestigious awards including WOW personality award, Global ISHMA award for being Celebrity Life Coach & Nutritionist, Style Icon Award 2020, Panache Image Award and Dadasaheb Phalke Indian Television Award 2023 and many more.


Looking at the qualities of Dr. Abhijit Mhatre, one must get inspired in such a way that

“Instead of internalizing the negative messages from bullies, use this experience and channel the negative energy from bullying into setting and achieving personal and professional goals.”

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