Dr Yogita Shendge – A multi faceted personality – Women with passion and positivity

Yogita Shendge, a women with passion, positivity and perseverance, plays a multi- faceted role of being a developing professional Leader, Mother, Wife and a devoted daughter. Taking ownership of one’s life is her Mantra to happiness.

Yogita is a growth oriented occupational therapy entrepreneur working incessantly, creating her own benchmark in her industry. She is committed to challenging disabilities and enhancing abilities in individuals with physical limitations, different abilities or disabilities. She is passionate about her profession and aspire to inspire the next gen Z professionals of her industry.

Yogita is an advocate of “It’s all in the mind”- The driving thought process towards anything and everything you do. She quotes, “I continuously rewire my brain with positive attitude” driving me to take actions and enabling me to live life to the fullest with compassion and humility

Yogita is driven to explore new frontiers of life, pushing her own boundaries of what is possible. She aspire to be a catalyst of change in the society in her individual capacity through various platforms and avenues that comes her way for which she voraciously work on self- development as Success is the outcome of when Opportunity meets the prepared.

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