Jaswinder Kaur Sandhu- a beacon of diligence, dedication ,inner strength and inspiration to many

Jaswinder Kaur Sandhu, daughter of an esteemed army officer, inherits a legacy of honour and sacrifice. Her father through sheer grit and determination surmounted every obstacle to carve a path of success eventually rising to the rank of Colonel in the Indian Army. Her mother a simple yet profound housewife imbibed in her the essence of devotion, love and care. These values ingrained in her upbringing became the guiding light of her journey shaping her character and defining her aspirations. Jaswinder pursued her academic endeavours with fervour. She attained a bachelor of Science degree from Delhi University ,Bachelor of education degree from Punjab University laying a strong foundation for her intellectual pursuits. Her quest for excellence led her to earn a Masters degree in public administration. She has an experience of 1 5 years as a kindergarten teacher where she got the opportunity to nurture young minds with care and compassion shaping future generations with her wisdom and guidance . Presently she has embarked on a second career as a care counselor cum care leader with Samarth elder care organisation where she dedicates herself to supporting elderly families ensuring their health and overall well being.

Beyond her academic and professional pursuits Jaswinder is a fervent advocate for fitness and traditional Punjabi culture with an impressive collection of 50 + medals and trophies in various cycling and running events she embodies the spirit of perseverance and determination. Additionally she has found solace and joy in singing Punjabi folk songs keeping alive the rich cultural heritage of her roots. Jaswinder also takes immense pride in her role as a wife and mother. Her husband a helicopter pilot with an exemplarly service in the Indian Army continues to uphold the values of duty and honour, he is presently flying for Pawan Hans in Mumbai. She is the nurturing force behind two accomplished sons , Elder Son works with Aditya Birla capital and the younger pursues engineering at IIT Delhi.

Jaswinder Kaur Sandhu epitomises the belief thatx Age is just a number ,with unwavering dedication she pursues her passion and dreams fuelled by hard work, discipline and a strong belief in herself. As a finalist of Mrs India My identity 2022 She has showcased her Grace, Poise and inner strength inspiring others to embrace their potential and reach for the stars.

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