Karan Mehta – Co Founder of LA Jewels – Young Entrepreneur with Vision

Karan Mehta, the co-founder of La Jewels, initially charted a different course after completing his studies in commerce. While harbouring a passion for cricket and aspirations in the sports industry, circumstances led him to join his family’s diamond business post-lockdown. Immersing himself in a renowned diamond company, he also underwent a rigorous three-month training program at a jewellery manufacturing factory, mastering the intricacies of the trade. His professional journey also led him to a stint as an assistant Sales in Certified Diamonds, where he gained valuable insights into the intricacies of the diamond trade. Additionally, he garnered experience in procuring certified goods for orders in New York, further enriching his expertise and understanding of the global jewellery market. Despite years of dedication, a sense of incompleteness prompted him to rejuvenate La Jewels, his mother Lajja Mehta’s esteemed jewellery brand. Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavours, Karan finds joy in exploring economics, stocks, music, and travel. Meet Karan Mehta, the co-founder of La Jewels, whose journey from a passion for cricket to revitalizing his family’s diamond business embodies resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. His experience in certified diamond sales and procurement in New York, set the stage for his pivotal role in revitalizing his mother’s esteemed jewellery brand. Beyond entrepreneurship, Karan’s diverse interests in economics, stocks, music, and travel enrich his journey, adding depth and dimension to La Jewels’ narrative of innovation and dedication.

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