Lajja Mehta – Founder of LA Jewels Women with Passion and Grace

Lajja Mehta is a celebrated jewellery designer, whose multifaceted life includes roles as a homemaker and mother. Hailing from a lineage deeply entrenched in the jewellery business, she was immersed in its intricacies from a tender age. Under the tutelage of her grandfather, a prominent figure in Mumbai’s jewellery scene, Lajja imbibed invaluable knowledge about gemstones and the dynamics of the trade. Inspired by her family’s legacy, she embarked on a journey of learning and creativity. From her formative years, Lajja observed her father and grandfather navigate the world of diamonds and coloured stones, absorbing insights from factory visits, perusing magazines, and exploring jewellery showrooms. This early exposure ignited her passion, leading her to pursue formal education in jewellery design. Her initial foray into the industry involved crafting diamond kurta buttons, eventually evolving into bespoke jewellery creations for discerning clients.


With an innate sense of detail and design, Lajja keenly observed the evolving landscape of jewellery preferences and cultural influences. She remained abreast of the latest trends and styles, constantly seeking to enhance her skills and embrace technological advancements in her craft. Her distinctive style soon garnered admiration from peers and loved ones, culminating in the development of her own notable jewellery collection. As she delved deeper into the world of jewellery design, Lajja’s passion drove her to participate in shows and undertake multiple orders with quick deadlines, honing her skills and establishing a reputation for excellence. However, she put La Jewels on indefinite pause as she juggled the responsibilities of homemaking and motherhood within a joint family. During this hiatus, Lajja found solace and creative fulfilment in designing not only jewellery but also her own home, as well as undertaking projects for friends and relatives. Despite the pause in her professional pursuits, her passion for design remained undimmed, awaiting the perfect moment to reignite. That moment came when her son approached her with the proposition of revitalizing La Jewels and reigniting their family legacy together. Overwhelmed with elation at the prospect of returning to the industry she loved, Lajja embraced the opportunity with renewed vigour. Today, Lajja Mehta stands as a torchbearer of her grandfather’s vision, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation in the realm of jewellery design. Her journey exemplifies a harmonious fusion of heritage, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring generations to come.

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