“Let your Dreams define your Destiny “- Dr. Anjulika Bhagchandani 

In the captivating world of glamour and beauty, there exists a remarkable figure whose journey epitomizes the Power of Dreams and the Magic of Manifestation.

Meet Dr. Anjulika Bhagchandani ,a multifaceted personality who seamlessly transitioned from being a celebrated Cosmetologist to a mesmerizing Fashion Model, leaving an indelible mark on the Digital domain.


Dr. Anjulika’s narrative is a testament to unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of excellence. With two Amazon Bestsellers, “Happify Your Skin” and “Reset Your Skin Code,” she not only revolutionized skincare but also inspired countless individuals to embrace their beauty with confidence and grace.


Her crowning moment came when she was bestowed the prestigious title of “Mrs. West India – Confident 2020” by Diva Pageants, a milestone that transformed her life forever. Since then, she has graced the runways of Bombay Times , Pune Times , I-Moda fashion weeks ,captivating audiences as both a Show-Opener and a Show-Stopper.


Dr. Anjulika’s enchanting and vibrant presence on the ramp has been synonymous with elegance and sophistication, as she effortlessly embodies the spirit of renowned brands such as “W” and “Bawaree.” Her journey from the runway to the digital sphere has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, as she now shines as a prominent Lifestyle Influencer, captivating audiences with her insights and expertise with radiant positivity.


At the heart of Dr. Anjulika’s success lies her unwavering belief in the power of dreams and the magic of manifestation. Through her journey, she encourages others to dare to dream and pursue their passions with unwavering determination. Her story serves as a beacon of inspiration for those who dare to defy convention and carve their own path in pursuit of fulfillment.


In a world where dreams often seem distant, Dr. Anjulika’s journey reminds us that with perseverance and faith, anything is possible. She stands as a shining example of the transformative power of chasing one’s dreams and turning them into reality.

“May we dare to dream, for it is in the pursuit of our Dreams that we truly discover the Magic of life and design our own Destiny too!” – says Dr. Anjulika

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