Parisha – Women with Passion, Right Attitude and Creativity

I’m Parisha S Lodaya, and I’m excited to take you on a journey through my life, filled with ups, downs, and everything in between. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Mumbai, I learned early on that dreams don’t come easy, especially when you come from a modest background like mine. But every obstacle only fueled my determination to carve out my own path.


College life was a whirlwind of experiences. Surrounded by inspiring friends who opened my eyes to a world beyond textbooks, I found myself dreaming of a future as a doctor, driven by a desire to serve humanity. However, financial constraints forced me to pivot to a career in commerce, a decision that tested my resolve but also opened doors to unexpected opportunities.


Joining my uncle’s company marked a pivotal moment in my journey. His unwavering support and belief in my potential transformed him from a mentor to a father figure. With his encouragement, I took a leap of faith and pursued my true passion: acting.


Enrolling in ICE Institute was a game-changer. It was there that I immersed myself in the art of acting, honing my skills and seizing every opportunity that came my way. From winning accolades at pageants to landing acting roles, each experience shaped me into the confident and resilient individual I am today.


But my journey was not without its share of challenges. From starting a snacks corner with a friend to transitioning back to acting amidst uncertainty, I faced moments of doubt and fear. Yet, through perseverance and sheer determination, I emerged stronger than ever, ready to conquer whatever obstacles lay ahead.


Beyond acting, I discovered a newfound passion for fashion designing and nail art. Completing courses in both fields, I found joy in expressing my creativity and pushing the boundaries of my imagination.


Looking ahead, my aspirations extend beyond personal success. I am deeply committed to giving back to the community that has shaped me. That’s why I am working tirelessly towards establishing an NGO aimed at empowering marginalized communities and making a meaningful impact on society.


“My dear Parisha, go ahead, I am with you,” said my beloved chote papa, whose unwavering support has been my guiding light through every twist and turn of my journey.


My journey is a testament to the power of resilience, passion, and unwavering determination. I hope that my story serves as an inspiration to others, encouraging them to chase their dreams fearlessly and embrace the journey, no matter where it may lead.

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