Priya Tiwari – A Luminary in Beauty , Leadership and Social Impact

In the dynamic urban landscape of Bhopal, amid a chorus of aspirations and ambitions, Priya Tiwari emerges as a symbol of unwavering determination with remarkable achievements. Born into a family of esteemed doctors, her path was paved with academic excellence and a thirst for success from the very beginning. Priya’s educational journey, is marked by distinction from the renowned institutions such as St. Paul’s School in Gwalior and Bal Bhavan School in Bhopal. Her thirst for knowledge led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Hons from Radharaman Institute of Science and Technology, followed by a double post-graduate degree in MBA specializing in both HR and Marketing from IIPM.

Armed with a decade of corporate experience, Priya soared to the position of National Marketing Head at Tech Mahindra, leaving an indelible mark in the corporate arena. However, her ambitions transcended the confines of boardrooms and balance sheets. A polymath since her school days, Priya’s prowess extended beyond academics. A poet and debater of exceptional talent, she garnered numerous accolades, foreshadowing her multifaceted persona. Fuelled by her passion for expression and creativity, she entered the world of modelling in 2022, setting ablaze the runways with her grace and charm.

Priya’s ascent in the realm of fashion was meteoric. With an impressive array of 23 titles under her belt, including being the winner of Miss Central India 2023, Miss International Queen of India 2023, Miss Ultimate Diva 2023, Miss Popular 2023, Miss Beauty with a Purpose 2023 , Miss Best Dressed, Miss Golden Heart 2022, Miss Beauty with a purpose 2022 and Miss India Queen 2022. Her elegance and purposeful demeanor earned her recognition and she has been the jury, guest of honour, support partner and brand ambassador for many events and has been awarded by many celebrities including Sneha Ulal, Aditi Govitrikar, Urvashi Rautela, Munira Kudrati, Aman Verma and many more.
She has been a Fashion Icon and Top Model of the year. Priya’s journey also includes walking for fashion shows like Pune Times , Bombay Times and as a Showstopper for Diva Pageants.

Yet, amidst the glamour and glitz, Priya remained grounded, channeling her energy towards noble causes. A staunch advocate for girl child education and women empowerment, she aligned herself with esteemed organizations like Swag NGO Foundation and Beti Bachao Foundation, embodying the ethos of compassion and social responsibility.

As a cover girl for numerous magazines, Priya’s story captivates and inspires, embodying the essence of perseverance and passion. Her belief in the symbiotic relationship between profession and passion serves as a guiding light for all those who dare to dream and continues to take new horizons and break barriers. For a regular source of inspiration drawn from Priya Tiwari’s life, follow her on: @priyatiwari191188

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