Radiance Redefined: The Empowering Saga of Zarna Sanghvi

Life unfolds like a captivating dream, revealing a splendid diadem adorned with rhinestones and emeralds, much like the moment I was crowned Mrs Maharashtra 2022 (RU)in the Gold category by Diva Pageants. My diverse identity as a fashion designer, art therapist, and ramp model reflects a passion for aesthetics and fashion, showcased through exhibitions in India and a clothing line in Dubai. From acting in short films to embracing photography, my journey has been a fusion of creativity and entrepreneurship.


Supported by my family, marrying into a business-oriented household opened new opportunities, with my husband’s surprise registration for the Mrs Maharashtra pageant marking a transformative journey. Guided by mentors, I navigated the intricacies of the pageantry world, ascending to the throne amidst a whirlwind of photoshoots and runway appearances.


Grateful for my parents’ values, their guidance has been my anchor amidst the glamour and accolades. Each step, a testament to resilience and faith, inspires others to fearlessly pursue their dreams, regardless of circumstance. Life’s tapestry, woven with experiences, triumphs, and setbacks, forms a story uniquely ours to cherish and share.With a strong support system of my husbandDhaval Sanghvi,My daughter Devika Sanghvi and My mother in law Chaula Sanghvi,This journey wouldn’t have been possible.

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