Roshani Malandkar – Woman with Talent an Renowned Author and Singer

Human mind is very deep! No one knows what goes on in there. When a person has a troubled relationship, it makes a deep impact on his or her mind. Whether it’s an unfaithful spouse or a spouse, though very ideal, but very cold; and has unexplained behavior for which no solution can be found out. It could be the relation of a mother and daughter or a father and a son, in which one of them is very distressed because of the relationship. It could be a person dealing with a fatal disease and has lost all hope or may be it’s the loss of a near and dear one that’s unforgettable. Sometimes mere loneliness can be killing! There are sentimental people who cannot take these things in their stride and the ups and downs of life make them wallow in dark depths of sadness. Finally they come to a conclusion where they find death inviting! Intrigued?? Well, this is the story of the six characters in the Novella, “Only When Time Comes! “, a Psychological Thriller written by Roshani Malandkar. So go ahead, grab a copy and find out about what fate has in store for them.

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