Shaina NC is an Ustoppable Women with Grace , Class and Elegance -An Inspiration to Many

Shaina NC is an Ustoppable Women with Grace Class and Elegance -An Inspiration to Many

“Shaina NC is a product of a cosmopolitan family; her father is a Rajput, Mother a Bohri Muslim and her husband a Marwari Jain. Her grandfather Mansinh Ji Chudasama was the second Police Commissioner of the erstwhile Bombay post-independence. She has been enriched in a family of secularism.

Her father Nana Chudasama who is a social activist was the former Sheriff of Mumbai.

Shaina NC is a combination of Hindu, Muslim, Jain in her individual capacity she has taken forward this lineage that she has inherited to the advantage of her social obligations to city and nation.

She graduated in Political Science with distinction from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She then went to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) New York where she completed her associate’s degree in Fashion Design.

She started her career when she was 18 and went on a Rotary scholarship to Vancouver representing India. She took over the reins of Golden Thimble from her mother to start her own business called Shaina NC Golden Thimble, and soon came to be known as the Queen of the Drapes in the industry, as somebody who is respected for her contribution to the saree which she drapes in 54 different innovative styles in record time. She is known world over for this inbuilt talent of hers. Went on work with the weavers of Benaras. Represented Indian at the SAARC with the saree, because her motto is always not to let the saree remain a national costume but to take the saree to the international platform.

Her philanthropic activities started from her school days, whether it was STAND – Students Triumph Against Narcotics & Drugs, went on to work with Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) where she did lots of programs to raise funds to rehabilitate Cancer patients, especially children, making glamour meaningful.

She joined her father’s NGO I Love Mumbai as a Trustee conducting various programs for the betterment of the city like beautification through Tree-plantation, distribution of 200000 free saplings every year for over 30 years across 35 centres in Mumbai, white-washing of compound walls, illumination of heritage buildings, Anti-spitting, Anti-smoking, Clean Mumbai, Green Mumbai initiatives, etc.

Today, she is the World Chairperson, Giants Welfare Foundation, leading a large family of 25000 Giants social workers comprising of businessmen and professionals in more than 700 branches spread all over India, and overseas destinations namely Kenya, Mauritius, UK, Australia and New Zealand.”

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